It is allowed to use and modify the font, but not to use it for commercial purpose.
If You want to take part to the project, You should contact us
and if Your contribution will become part of the project we will include You among the authors.

Posted by Stefano Faoro on Mercoledì, Maggio 28th, 2008


- Use the unicode system when it’s possible (not decided yet for the private use area)
- Keep as much as possible the contours separated.
Much more useful when using the interpolation between macros, apparently it gives less problems.

Here it’s explained why:

The problems that may persist during this part are then solved when generating the real font file with automatic and now much more practical systems. A couple of these methods are explained here: better font generated by Ben Kiel

- Use the .UFO as interchange format: it is possible to export .UFO files from FonLab using RoboFab .UFO files can be opened with Area51. Area51 it’s really useful to test the features, to get automatic naming and to generate .otf files through AFDKO (that automatically joins the contours).

- For the uploading part, this is the practice we decided to follow:

* add as many sources as possible
* include the license file (OFL.txt) and the FAQ License (OFL-FAQ.txt)
* add your name to the license file
* keep the FONTLOG.txt updated
* put everything in a folder named “YearMonthDay-NameFontVersion”
* compress the folder into a .zip or equivalent

If you have any doubt: # 83afb016

Posted by Riccardo Lorusso on 31 Mag