Writing and numeracy tools for all world languages

The history of Olivetti got virtually complete within a century, but are still worth mention the specialized activities of the Characters Department, which drew up the tools of literacy and numeracy that have characterized the communications throughout the last century.

In the '60 Olivetti's factories were pretty everywhere, with over 120,000 employees all over the world.
That's why Olivetti started producing tools for writing and calculation serving countries far away and with very different cultures.
Before starting the manufacturing process, each language was carefully studied in order to successfully transfer the different signs and their use in the mechanical design of the instrument.
Today this activity is annulled by the global size of the Group, the fact remains that a great work has been done on the side of the dissemination of media.

We found out that, among others, a Korean type system has been developed by Olivetti's Characters Department. It was intended to work overlapping vowels and consonants, but still keeping the fixed-width system.

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