New glyphs from Antonio Cavedoni & from Riccardo Lorusso + trispacing from Galacticus

Thanks a lot to Antonio Cavedoni for new glyphs £@@@@æœ and so on
and to Riccardo Lorusso for new: &!
I added some new features and some new glyphs (ss02 + ss03).
The glyphs are “trispaced”. It means that the space are modular, 250, 500, 750, this allow a better spacing between characters, but allow also a vertical alignment similar to the one possible with a monospaced font.
We were thinking it was a bright new idea, but we discovered that was usual for Olivetti typewriters working with “Margherita”.
Posted by Luciano Perondi on Mercoledì, Luglio 2nd, 2008

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