word, thinking machine

Ivrea, Italy, ‘Fiera della Parola’, june 2008.
A nice place, an old park, where the Historical Archive of Olivetti stages each year an event dedicated to celebrate ‘word’. Invited by the organization to present a project, the ISIA students of the 1st year MA, have setted up an installation designed to experience what the word ‘identity’ should mean if related to a place. Big white metal pages disposed through the park, where the visitors should compose sentences or little poems, freely, using magnetic words. Those words, were given to each visitor wright at the entrance of the park. Everyone was able to be part of the process, walking up the hill. Each word was composed in ‘lekton’, the typeface specifically designed to support all the graphic materials for the project.

Posted by Marco Tortoioli, Sabato, Giugno 21st, 2008

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